๐ŸšงWork in progress

This service is currently under construction and will probably change or temporarily stop working.

Generate the podcast feed

  1. Input the URL to a YouTube channel oder playlist.
  2. Start generating the feed by pressingย .
  3. Copy the generated feed URL and subscribe to it in your favorite podcast player. The player has to support video podcasts.
  4. Start consuming your feed. In case of problems see Limitations section or drop a message.


  • This service uses the RSS feeds generated by YouTube (e.g.
    ) and converts them into a podcast feed. Clients get redirected to the original video file on YouTube which means you always play the video directly from YouTube, not from this website. A few limitations arise from this:
    • The feed of a channel/playlist is not immediately refreshed when a new video is added to a channel/playlist.
    • The feed is limited to 15 entries at a time. For channels, this means the latest 15, for playlists the first 15. This restriction is caused by the RSS feed published by YouTube.
    • The feed has no information about the duration of the videos. Your podcast player will not be able to show the duration of an item before playing it.
    • Some videos could not be played due to geoblocking by YouTube.
    • Videos may expire. Make sure your podcast player requests a new URL for example by restarting the player.
  • Podcast platforms may not index the generated feeds correctly.